Youth Activation, for a better future/ Study Visit in Spain, Malaga

Hello everyone! In this article, I want to tell about Study Visit Youth Activation (capacity Building for Young People), which was held in Spain, Malaga, bringing together the youth workers from Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Youth Activation project is a multi-stage fellowship programme for people from youth organizations in Eastern Partnership countries. It’s aimed at enhancing their skills and competences in the field of local youth policy.

The main project objectives are:

  • to organise transfer of the experience and knowledge in the sphere of youth policy development from Programme countries to Eastern partnership countries;
  • to make researches on the needs of young people from EP organisations communities;
  • to provide representatives of youth organisations with the competences related to the youth participation, online participation and media literacy;
  • to develop local projects aimed to organise dialogue and exchange among stakeholders on the local youth policy development;
  • to summarise project results and organised their dissemination on the international level.

Let’s go!


1.LA NORIA is the center of entrepreneurship and social innovation in Malaga. It promotes creative solutions to the social needs of the province, together with social entities and entrepreneurs. The hosts also showed us some examples of innovative social ideas.

Mobile building to check the insects in different areas

2. SIDI is an Integral Child and Youth Center that provides Early Childhood and Child Intervention services in Malaga. Their mission is to support children with disabilities in their development, both intellectually and physically, and to actively work with their families. Team SIDI is formed by a group of professionals composed of psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and psycho-pedagogues dedicated to child intervention. I like that they work to accompany families in the development of their children and improve the quality of family life. This is a new approach.

3. Caixa Proinfancia is an initiative with a transformative vocation because it attempts to interrupt the transmission of poverty from parents to children. This means fostering a healthier, happier childhood development as well as a more complete development of their potential and abilities, contributing also to avoiding future generations suffering from material and psychosocial deficiencies involving poverty and social exclusion. We had the opportunity to interact with the children who were included in this program. After schooling, they are involved in non-formal activities by their teachers or volunteers.

4. Provincial Deputation of Málaga Participants had the opportunity to discuss local employment issues, international cooperation, new technologies, etc. in Malaga.

5. La Termica is a cultural center, which promote the cultural life in Malaga.  The emphasis that La Termica puts on supporting creative processes extends to its public, who are participants in the trial and experimentation. I think itÔÇÖs great for young people to grow up and have space to express themselves.

6. Picasso Museum M├ílaga where the youth workers had the good opportunity to learn about the educational and cultural programs implemented by the museum for young people.

7. Tribeka is a training agency, which help students and adults grow and learn in a fast changing world. Providing the best work experiences, training courses, workshops and seminars for students and adults, Tribeka is dedicated to bring value into every aspect of training and learning mobility.

8. Polo Digital, this organization supports initiatives that promote digital content (3D animation, virtual reality, robotics, Lego, dubbing, audiovisual production, sound recordings, artificial intelligence, Java, large data, Android and IOS applications development). Also, it helps businesses, entrepreneurs, training, work areas and guidelines to develop the business project.

9. CIFAL Malaga , the International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders in Malaga has been established with the MISSION to offer training opportunities and exchange of best practices, tools and strategies between local and regional authorities, international organizations, private sector and civil society; and to support local actors, improving their decision-making processes by increasing their leadership in the implementation of innovative solutions at the local level, having an impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

10. Link by UMA-ATech is the largest business, university and innovative coexistence space in Andalusia. Here the entrepreneurs create their companies and progress with them from scratch, but, in addition, already established businesses find new ways to keep growing.
Link brings together associations, students, companies, entrepreneurs and all kinds of experts to share ideas, learn and grow together. In short, Link is a space to create great projects.


Assosiation Arrabal AID, was the host organization. ARRABAL-AID is a non-profit social association. Their mission is to work for the full social and labor inclusion of people, especially the most vulnerable, through actions of accompaniment and impact on the social environment. The workers presented the successful projects they have implemented. For example LIVE LIBRARY, SUMAN2, TIME BANKING, LA ALAMEDA.

The participants had the opportunity to address their questions to the representatives of the projects and to sum up the results of the day.

EoEo is the Youth Association created in 2003 by a group of young people to meet the demands and needs of the town. The volunteers themselves told how they organize, create and participate in the social life of their people, they also told how they manage to carry out international cooperation projects and all the work behind these trips. The purpose of this conversation was to teach us how to work with young people, so that when we get back to the country, we can make our own projects. From EoEo I remember that any idea can be translated into reality when there is a desire to work.

And … ENJOY the beauty of Malaga!

I’m grateful for this Study Visit. I’m motivated to make changes in my community.

P.S. Juan and Gema, you are the best organizers.

The project was possible in partnership between: Center for Euroinitiatives (the main Coordinator of the project), 
MilleniuM Training and Development Institute ,YCCD NGO – Youth Cooperation Center of DilijanNational Council of Youth Organizations of Georgia (NCYOG), Teatro Metaphora and Centro Guadalinfo Chiclana Arrabal-AID.

Thank you for attention!

With gratitude, A.O.

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